Team Coaching Services

Give your teams the tools, insights, and development they need to work better together and maximize greatness.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Eventide used Sagency’s coaching services to develop high-performance teams, starting with their executive team. Hear how Sagency helped Eventide and is helping other leaders and teams maximize greatness.

Your Team Is Capable of More

Sagency provides a framework that moves focused learning into action and practice, and then accountability and change. Our team coaching services do this by:

  • Encouraging a focus on strengths while identifying current gaps
  • Cultivating an environment of trust, psychological safety, and accountability
  • Celebrating and fine-tuning the individual contributions of team members
  • Equipping your team to tackle challenges and achieve your organization’s strategic vision

Less than 1 in 10 teams rate themselves as high performing before a team coaching engagement.

– Team Coaching International

Most Teams Fail to Be More than the Sum of Their Parts

The vast majority of teams are falling well short of their potential, and there are both visible and invisible factors keeping them from high performance. These may include:

  • Not enough trust and accountability to run faster
  • A lack of clarity around what is most important
  • A vague sense of underachievement, or even dysfunction
  • Avoiding hard, but necessary, conversations
  • Approaching complexity, change, and transformation in a non-collaborative way

Without coaching to overcome these challenges, it’s easy for a team to stagnant and fall short of their greatness.


How Sagency Helps Your Teams Maximize Their Greatness

Sagency’s 3-step team coaching methodology has been proven to help teams adopt the shared mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets they need for repeatable success.
Create Awareness

Through assessments and an offsite retreat we’ll help your team identify strengths to leverage and gaps to close.

Facilitate Growth

We’ll co-create a plan for team growth and put it into action with monthly or bi-monthly team coaching sessions.

Measure & Optimize

With post-coaching measurements and clear next steps you’ll be fully equipped for quick-wins and enduring results.

 With Sagency’s Team Coaching Services, You Will…

Equip Your Teams for Success

We’ll guide your teams through developing the right mindsets, behaviors, and capabilities in an environment of care and accountability.

Improve Team Dynamics

See improvement in interpersonal and team dynamics while empowering each member to make their best contributions.

Get Sustainable Positive Performance

Watch as your team is able to make strategic and transformational contributions to your organization.

3 Plans to Maximize the Greatness Of Your Team

Whether you’re looking for assessments to drive your employees’ awareness of their potential for growth as a team or a complete coaching program, we have a variety of options.

Coaching Plan 1

Designed to drive awareness through assessment, this plan includes:

  • Team Diagnostic
  • TriMetrix DNA Individual Coaching Assessments
  • Talent Insights team report
  • Team competency stack
  • Interviews with each team member
  • Debrief with team leader

Coaching Plan 2

Combining awareness with action, this plan takes it to the next level, offering:

  • Everything from Plan 1
  • Team retreats (2 days)
  • Team charter

Coaching Plan 3

Focused on facilitating faster progress and forward momentum, this plan includes:

  • Everything from Plans 1
    and 2
  • 6 monthly team coaching sessions
  • 6 individual coaching sessions with the team leader
  • Measurement and optimization
Not sure which option is right for you? Schedule a call with us today and we’ll be happy to recommend a plan based on your goals for your leaders.

Move Beyond the Rah-Rah and the Fluff

There are already too many team training events that leave everyone feeling good for the day, but do little to impact actual results after everyone’s back at work. With generic examples and theories removed from the everyday realities of the workplace, it’s no wonder teams struggle to apply what they’re taught.

Like you, we’re tired of this same old approach that doesn’t work. That’s why we created an evidence-backed system that tackles real and relevant issues, utilizing real-time practice, and includes coaching for a tailored environment of accountability and care. No more rah-rah. No more fluff. Simply real solutions to empower your team to maximize greatness.

How to Start a Team Coaching Engagement with Sagency

Schedule a Free Call

Request a call today and we’ll talk through the current challenges your teams are facing so we can begin our assessment process.

Get A Plan of Action

We’ll provide your teams and their leaders with the insights, frameworks, and tools they need to enhance their cooperation and achieve results.

Apply Teachings

Your newly-skilled teams will receive practical guidance for how they and their leaders can apply the training they received to overcoming barriers to their success.

Meet Your Team of Experts

Your ongoing success is our priority. We combine decades of experience with a scientific approach to help you multiply greatness. Let us be your guides for growth.