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Mike Meagher

As the founder of Sagency, Mike is dedicated to helping leaders overcome the complexity of building top teams that achieve their desired results.

Current Keynote Presentations:

  • Cultivating Team Greatness
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
  • Fearless Leadership

Tom Iverson

Tom believes that strategic alignment is critical to an organization’s success, and he is passionate about helping others achieve their full potential.

Current Keynote Presentations:

  • The Science of Succession
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Mike Meagher

Cultivating Team Greatness

Most teams don’t achieve more than the sum of their parts on their own. It takes intentionality co-create the optimal conditions for teams to thrive. In this session, you and your team will learn:

  • How to get the right people into the right roles in order to achieve results
  • How to create a team culture optimized for greatness
  • Research-backed strategies for success

You will also learn more about 3 key areas all leaders should focus on building their leadership strategy around: psychological safety, trust, and realistic optimism.

Tom Iverson

The Science of Succession

Ensuring that star employees are prepared to take over key roles before they are vacated is an investment in the future of both current employees and the organization as a whole. In this presentation, you and your team will learn about the science of succession planning, including:

  • How to identify high-potential employees now in order to develop them for future leadership
  • What will be needed for future success
  • Tips for ensuring your company’s succession program is equitable and will lead to desired results

You will also learn how to develop talent for potential roles in a more targeted and productive way.

Mike Meagher

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Emotional intelligence is about the ability to be in-tune with your own emotions and the emotions of others in order to develop better interpersonal relationships. In this session, you and your team will learn:

  • What emotional intelligence is
  • Why it’s critical for both personal and professional success
  • How to leverage emotional intelligence for leadership success

You will also discover that emotional intelligence is just like any other ability—with practice, it will get easier over time.

5 Reasons You Should Book A Sagency Speaking Engagement

1. Set the Foundation for Success

Receive fundamental insight on how to give both teams and leaders within your organization everything they need to achieve short-term and long-term greatness.

2. Learn How to Grow as a Leader

Good leadership is about growing, changing, and learning so that teams can achieve their full potential for the benefit of both the employees and the company.

3. Receive Science-Backed Insight

All of our areas of expertise and presentations are rooted in science and in-depth research and are based on years of leadership and coaching experience.

4. Multiply Greatness

Our speaking engagements are all designed to help teams, leaders, and organizations optimize their mindsets, approach, and dynamics to achieve new levels of success.

5. Stay Current On What’s Working

What worked for teams in the past may no longer apply in the future, which is why it’s best to stay current on the latest leadership and team engagement best practices.

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