Leadership Development & Succession Planning Services

Strengthen your leaders and close any gaps preventing your organization from reaching its full potential.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Children’s Home Society of South Dakota (CHS) needed to intentionally develop their leaders and managers to continue advancing their mission. Hear how Sagency helped CHS and is helping organizations of all types improve performance by building strong leaders and teams.

Develop the Leaders You Need for the Future You Want

There is a gap between the leaders you already have and the leaders you need to achieve your mission. In fact, research shows that companies can only fill 47% of their leadership roles.* That’s why you need a reliable system for cultivating effective and future-ready leaders.

Whether you’re looking to attract and retain top talent or ensuring a path for leadership development within your current team, Sagency will help you create a leadership development and succession program designed to build positive and productive leaders to:

  • Reduce the uncertainty during leadership transitions
  • Attract growth-minded talent
  • Expedite employee onboarding
  • Retain your most talented team members
  • Cultivate the mindsets and skillsets needed for real progress
  • Accelerate trust, collaboration, and innovation across your organization

*DDI Global Leadership Forecast 2021

How Much is Unrealized Leadership Potential Costing You?

Only 11% of HR leaders report having a strong bench to pull from when filling leadership roles, and 55% of CEOs consider developing the next generation of leaders to be their top challenge.* These are daunting stats because the pressure is on to fill the role and make sure your new-hires have the right leadership talent to execute your strategies.

Gaps in leadership can be painful and costly, leading to:

  • Missed goals and milestones
  • Losing top talent
  • Poor team dynamics
  • Stifled innovation
  • Failure in leadership transitions

Any combination of these factors can adversely affect your organization’s productivity, profitability, and future. But how do you develop your people to have the right mindset and capabilities to lead your organization in the face of uncertainty and complexity?


Our Approach Helps You Develop Top Leadership from Within

Sagency’s research-backed approach to leadership development will help you cultivate the specific mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets required for leadership and business success.
Co-Created For Your Context

Receive a diagnosis of your organization’s current state, including leadership strengths and gaps.

Relevant and Research-Based

Get the science-based leadership mindsets, behaviors, and capabilities you need to create your organization’s desired future.

Integrated Into the Real Work

Leverage coaching, developmental assignments, strategic conversations, and learning within the context of your leaders’ real challenges and opportunities.

With Sagency’s Leadership Development & Succession Planning Services, You Will…

Save Time & Money

Build the leaders you need rather than spending time and money hunting for them.

Fill Your Bench &
Achieve Your Goals

Create a leadership culture that limits disruptions and achieves organizational goals.

Achieve Operational & Strategic ROI

See measurable results and desired outcomes through operational improvement.

Build Your Leaders with Sagency

With our scientific approach to leadership development and succession planning we work together to co-create a process that will empower your leaders to make the transformational contributions that will help your organization achieve its goals.

Our full-service process includes:

  • Qualitative analysis and multi-science assessment
  • Leadership talent strategy and gap report
  • Strategies that are integrated with your business
  • Diverse steering committees
  • Facilitated workshops, experiential learning, and stretch assignments
  • Cohort coaching and coaching development plans
  • Performance and engagement measurement

Need a workshop for an upcoming leadership training? Schedule a call today and let’s talk about what you’re looking for and how we can help.

There Is Too Much Wasted Potential

Like you, we’ve grown disheartened at times seeing the potential wasted in countess leaders, teams, and organizations. The fact is that effective leadership is an absolute necessity for sustainable success—and yet it’s still all too rare.

This is why we bring a a strategic, scientific, and accountable approach to leadership development. Our goal is to help you bring the best out of your teams now, while also preparing them to make significant contributions in the future. Equip your leaders today with the tools they need for tomorrow.

How to Start Your Leadership Development & Succession Planning with Sagency

Schedule a Call With Us

Get in touch with us to have an initial conversation and set a baseline for understanding your needs, current status, and future goals.

We’ll Assess Your Strengths and Gaps

Using our science-based approach, we’ll perform a multi-science assessment to get a better idea of your organization’s current state and strategic vision.

You’ll Be Guided Through the Entire Process

We’ll work together to develop a program that leverages coaching, developmental assignments, and strategic conversations within the context of your specific challenges and opportunities.

Meet Your Team of Experts

Your ongoing success is our priority. We combine decades of experience with a scientific approach to help you multiply greatness. Let us be your guides for growth.

Free Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Succession Planning

Knowing where to start is half the battle when it comes to successful succession planning. But we’ve heard—all too often—from our clients that they’re just not sure how to get the ball rolling.

In our Ultimate Guide, you get 8 steps to successful succession planning as well as 7 common pitfalls you’ll want to be sure to avoid. Download your copy today to make sure you’re set up for success no matter what happens.