Executive Placement

Advance your career with Sagency’s executive placement services.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Sue Salter, CEO of Make-A-Wish© South Dakota & Montana, discusses her experience as a candidate and then as a client of Sagency.

We Match the Right Person with the Right Opportunity

Where you work has a direct impact on how well you’re able to achieve your own personal greatness. For you to be successful in your new position, it needs to be a good fit for everyone involved—both the candidate and the company.

That’s why at Sagency, we want to get to know you: your passion, your career goals, and how you work best. We pride ourselves on our ability to find the right fit between candidates and our clients, by:

  • Understanding your management/leadership talent and what you can bring to a team
  • Using your ideal “career wishlist” to help you make the ideal next step
  • Being more than just a recruiter for you; we’re a career partner with your best interest in mind

You’re Not Inventory. You’re A Talented Professional Who Achieves Results

Most traditional recruitment processes have a way of making you feel less like a valued human and more like a piece of inventory sitting in a warehouse, just waiting for someone to add you to their cart.

You’re not just looking for any job, you’re looking to grow, thrive, and succeed in your career. You’re a top candidate who will add incredible value to the organization you join, and you deserve better than standard hiring practices.

Let Sagency be your partner to help you find the next step in your career.


Sagency Will Help You Grow and Advance Your Career

Sagency aims to help mission-driven, growth-minded leaders find the ideal executive, leadership, and management positions for them to thrive.

To ensure you’re matched with a company where you can thrive, we only work with organizations that are truly dedicated to growth and investing in their most valuable resources—their people.

Placement With Purpose

Our unique and thorough candidate assessment process is designed to provide you with the best foundation for success in your new role.

The Right Fit

We introduce you to companies that help you take the next step in your career and reach your full potential because you are what’s missing on their team.

With Sagency’s Executive Placement Services, You Will…

Stand Out Beyond Your Resume

We not only look for experience and technical skills, but also mindset, career expectation, acumen, and potential to learn, grow, and adapt.

Solidify Your Career Goals

Our recruitment process also acts as a valuable exercise in identifying your goals, networking, and determining your next move.

Reach Your Career Potential

Where you choose to work has a direct impact on your ability to achieve greatness, and we’re here to help you lay the foundation for career fulfillment.

What Our Clients are Saying…

How to Start Your Career Search with Sagency

Schedule a Free Call

Let’s talk about your short-term and long-term career goals, gain more insight into what your ideal position and work environment looks like, and what having a fulfilling career means to you.

Take A Professional Assessment

Our short but detailed assessment will help us learn more about your skills, behavioral style, and driving forces to help us target our search on your behalf.

Receive Career Options

When we have a client looking for a leader with a position that matches your goals and greatness, we’ll make the connection so you can both grow professionally.

Let Sagency Help You Make Your Next Career Move

Where you work, from the people to the company culture, has a direct impact on how quickly and effectively you’re able to achieve your maximum potential. By leveraging Sagency’s scientific approach to executive search and candidate placement, you’ll be able to ensure you’re on the right track to achieving your career goals both in the short-term and for years to come.

In our initial call with you, we’ll discuss:

  • Your past, present, and ideal future career path
  • Your experience, skills, and accomplishments
  • What your ideal work environment and team looks like
  • Your management/leadership styles and/or what you bring to a team

Meet Your Team of Experts

Your ongoing success is our priority. We combine decades of experience with a scientific approach to help you multiply greatness. Let us be your guides for growth.