Strategy, Leadership Transition and Growth

“3 years ago we struggled with who we were and why we existed.  
It was hard to find the right staff and our product suffered because of it.  
Insert Sagency.. We now know what it looks like to win..”.

Growth is hard…

If you’ve ever thought that everything would just “click” for your organization after you hit a certain revenue number, or marketshare percentage, you’ve probably experienced the roller-coaster of emotions that accompanies the peaks and valleys of performance. The elation of achieving a major milestone suddenly gives way to bewilderment and disappointment when the same struggles return and continue to challenge your organization.

Even if you feel like you’re  doing everything right, it can be hard to get off the hamster wheel and start really winning.

Planning for growth is planning to win.

Sagency helps organizations uncover the gaps that are holding them back and preventing  employees from performing at their maximum potential.

Whether your goal is to improve organizational health and profitability, create a quality employment brand, increase operational efficiency, develop a succession plan, or improve employee morale and engagement, it’s imperative that you have a smart strategic plan and a laser-focused approach to recruit, develop, and engage top talent to help execute it.

Sagency helps organizations win by clearly articulating their why and leveraging holistic growth strategies to get them there.

How we do it: 

  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Executive Transition
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Employee Assessments and Development
  • Leadership Coaching and Development
  • Other

Strategic Planning

Sagency’s strategic planning process is a proven solution for boards and management teams seeking increased strategic focus and alignment.  

Strategic planning with Sagency gets organizations on a winning track with:

  • A solid foundation for your management team.
  • A smart strategy based on a compelling vision for the future and a clear understanding of current reality.
  • An actionable communication plan to ensure increased clarity through all layers of your organization.
  • A playbook to use as a catalyst for leadership, accountability, alignment, and improved cultural practices.

Click here to see our strategic planning process.

Succession Planning

Our pragmatic succession planning services will help you get the most out of your workforce now, while preparing individuals to make greater contributions to your organization in the future.

  • Clarify what it means and what it takes to win in key roles.
  • Assess the gaps of employees with potential for management, leadership, and specialized roles.
  • Engage high-potentials in challenging and growth-oriented positions.
  • Prepare high-potentials for future roles with individual development plans, proactive coaching, and real-time feedback.
  • Clarify and fully communicate succession plan intentions and expectations.

Click here to see our succession planning process.

Leadership Transition

Effective leadership is one of the most critical elements of successful organizations. Is your organization prepared to carry on in the absence of one of your key leaders?

Executive transition can be fraught with risk, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Sagency’s executive recruiting and strategy teams lead you through a robust transition process to ensure your organization doesn’t miss a beat. We’ll help you:

  • Have a solid plan for both sides of the transition
  • Secure the right person for the job
  • And onboard them quickly so that your organization doesn’t lose momentum during the transition.

Organizational Effectiveness

Ensure that your most critical enterprise strategies and initiatives are working together towards your organization’s success. Sagency provides guidance on business model design execution, organization-wide change management, leadership team effectiveness, employee engagement, and retention.

Employee Assessments and Development Plans

Individual development plans (IDPs) are a vital, yet underutilized, tools to help employees hone their skills and reach their greatest potential. Investing in development by engaging employees on a personal level has been shown to increase employee buy-in and reduce turnover. We train supervisors to assist employees in writing and executing IDPs so that all parties understand current competency levels and future expectations and each employee will have a clear career and skill development path.   Learn more about helping your teams maximize their potential.

Leadership Coaching and Development

You know that becoming a great leader doesn’t happen by accident. Developing high-potential individuals takes hard work, focus, and investment into helping them maximize their potential.   Sagency’s leadership coaching program improves clarity and emotional intelligence to help your leaders develop and maintain healthy teams that consistently deliver superior results.   Click here to see our leadership coaching process.

Struggling to win in another area of your organization?

Sagency’s team of strategic consultants also excel at helping organizations fill the gaps around: Employment Branding, Culture Development, Growth Strategies, and Change Management.

 Ready to take your organization to new heights?