Targeted Recruiting and Executive Search

Getting the right people on board is arguably the most important task that an organization can tackle.

In fact, whether hiring for the executive team, or filling a brand new role, hiring the right talent to execute on your organization’s strategy is as important to profitability as the strategy itself.

But finding the right people is challenging, and hiring the wrong people can stunt your organization’s growth, that’s why it’s more important than ever to have a proactive talent strategy that identifies what a candidate needs to win in your organization.

A targeted approach to recruiting and executive search

We don’t begin your search until we truly “get” what will make your organization more impactful, productive, and profitable. That’s what makes Sagency different from your typical executive search firms. We take a big picture approach to recruiting and executive search that ensures your organization hires the right talent to help you thrive. And it all starts with getting to know you. Our 360-degree process utilizes:

  • A personalized executive search process that delivers real results by identifying what makes your organization “tick”–and what you need to be more impactful, productive, and profitable
  • A pre-search benchmarking process that identifies all aspects of technical and cultural fit for each role, allowing us to objectively measure a candidate’s potential for success
  • Targeted recruiting to find the top 10% candidates who aren’t actively searching–candidates that would have been without a laser-focused strategy
  • Science-based talent recommendations measured against your organization’s benchmarks

How we work

Sagency offers targeted recruiting and executive search services in two formats:
Retained executive searches – Retained search services are ideal for organizations who want to have recruiting services “on staff,” as well as for executive searches or other hard-to-place positions. Retained searches guarantee that we will leave no stone unturned until the position is successfully filled

Fee-based searches – Ideal for quicker-to-fill positions and for taking Sagency’s team for a “test drive,” fee-based searches take you through a shorter version of our 360-degree recruiting process to find a great fit for your position. With fee-based searches, you don’t pay a dime until you hire Sagency’s candidate.

Where we work

Sagency targets and recruits top talent from all over the nation. We love our local communities and take pride in matching incredible candidates with great companies right here in Fargo, ND and Minneapolis, MN, as well as helping visionary companies from across the nation build their dream teams. Our targeted recruitment plans uncover the very best candidates, but we don’t stop with our existing network of top-notch talent. We proactively research and recruit top 10 percent candidates that are not actively searching for a new career. This proactive approach is what separates the “hunters” at Sagency from the typical recruiting agency’s “gatherers.”  This provides you with top talent that you would not have found otherwise.

Our Specialties

Sagency works with organizations who are serious about identifying their success triggers and filling the gaps in their organization to create sustainable systems for growth. Our executive recruiting and placement specialties include:

Technology & Software

C-Level Leadership
Director of Services
Director of Development
Software Engineers, Programmers, Developers
Program Managers
Project Managers
Pre-sales Engineers, Solutions Architects
Chief Culture Officers
Chief Talent Officers
Product Owners, Product Managers

Engineering & Construction

C-Level Leadership
Director of Business Development
Account Executives
Project Managers
Design Engineers


CEOs, Presidents, Executive Directors
Chief Operating Officers
Chief Financial Officers
Chief Development Officers
Development Directors
Major Gift Fundraisers
Program Directors

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