Advance Your Career – Executive Placement

You’re not inventory–you’re a client

We get it. Most recruiters have a way of making you feel less like a candidate and more like a piece of inventory, sitting in a warehouse, waiting for someone to add you to their cart.

It’s frustrating, especially when you know that you’re a top 10% candidate–someone who can take their pick of where they want to spend their career. You’re not just looking for any job. You have a plan for your career, and only qualified opportunities need apply.

We’re not planning to dropship you by drone

Sagency means it when we say that we’re here to be partners in growing your career. Where other agencies lead with pitching a job, we feel that’s a little like proposing on the first date.

For one thing, fit is about more than technical skills.

We don’t want to waste your time pitching endless jobs based solely on your technical skills. If we’re going to help you hit your targets, we have to know what they are. That’s why we only work with candidates who are willing to invest in the process by telling us what makes them tick. We want to know about your milestones, your career goals, your 10-year plan, and how you work best. That way, when we come to you with an opportunity, you’ll know it’s worth looking into.

Who we work with

When it comes to finding the next step in your career, working with a team that knows your industry inside and out is key. To ensure that we’re able to be the greatest career asset possible for you, we only proactively represent candidates who are referred to us. We also prioritize candidates in the following industries:

  • Software and Hi-tech
  • Engineering
  • Construction

Our Promise

We’re serious about helping our candidates grow their careers. When you engage a top recruiter at Sagency to find your next role, we promise to bring only the most qualified positions to your attention.

How do we know they’re qualified?

Because we actually take the time to get to know you and what you’re looking for just as well as we know the companies we work with…

In fact, we only work with companies that are serious about investing in their talent and their culture.

What that means for you:

  • Positions that accelerate your growth plan
  • Organizations that value your career growth as much as you do–and are willing to invest in helping you further it
  • Organizations that truly believe that their people are at the heart of their success and prove it by fostering cultures and development programs that support your growth

Is your career ready for its next milestone?